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Love in the city...part one

A collaboration between creative artists brought us to London. Whilst we were graced with such beautiful weather, I couldn't help that the fates had aligned for us for this event. When asked to join in, design a piece to showcase in this shoot, creativity started tingling throughout me, after seeing the other elements of the shoot I felt inspired.


Down out of the hustle and bustle of lamberth, Central London, a collaboration of artists gather at Leeke Street tunnel. The tunnel hidden beneath the platforms and tracks of London Waterloo station is where creativity is encouraged.

Despite graffiti art is infact illegal, here it is tolerated and by celebrated by locals and tourists of all kinds. Here the art comes to life as you watch it grow and develop around you.

This destination was chosen for a unique twist of a bridal shoot in an urban setting. The vibrant colours hidden within this concrete jungle really put emphasis on the models and incredible designs you see featured here.


The vibrant urban setting, the very beautiful alternative models James and Lou paired with some incredibly unique designs, all custom hand made that really just locked this vision together. The chemistry between the pair was obvious and I can feel the love captured through these images. Photographer Benji North has a detailed eye, worked really well with the couple guiding them to create some beautiful images. We see this in the outcome of his work, his way of seeing, his point if view. All of these elements have been brought together to show this fusion of creativity, a uniqueness and undeniably spectacular.



Photographer: Benji North

Instagram: @benjinorthphotography

Facebook: @benjinorthphotography



Dress : Scarlet Tayla

Instagram: @scarlettayla

Facebook: @scarlet-tayla




Hand painted boots and jacket: Inanna Bespoke Shoes

Instagram: @inannabespokeshoes

Facebook: @inanna Bespoke shoes




Bouquets and buttonhole: Rockin' Floral Designs

Instagram: @rockinfloraldesigns

Facebook: @rockin' Floral Designs



Hair and make up: Jane Ward

Instagram: @janeward_mumboss

Facebook: @jane ward the confidence coach




Hair pins: CrzyBest

Instagram: @crzybest

Facebook: @CRZyBest



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